Social distancing measures can be a real drag, but it's finally time to dust off those dance moves, and get partying again! Online partyware store, Party Boutique, can get you everything you need to make that small home party feel larger than life. They have got you covered for all of your home partyware needs, so don't worry about it - leave it to the professionals.


Home Party Package

Even if you couldn't throw a big party, you don't want to miss out on celebrating special occasions for the kids or family. Party Boutique's Home Party Package makes it easy to put together a great party at home for a reasonable price - and delivered to your to boot! You can also pick out accompanying toys - making this truly a one-stop party shop. Wonderful arts & crafts items, and toys for parents to entertain the kiddos with, easily accessed at the click of a button! 

Their new Home Party Package is now easily categorized into Boys Party, Girls Party, and Baby Party, so all you have to do is click. The package includes a banner, matching balloons, and tableware.


20% Off Eco-Friendly Partyware!

Given the new restrictions for no dining in restaurants, Party Boutique has also opened up a new range of eco-friendly containers and bottles. The silicone collapsible containers are great for take-away meals or to bring lunch to work. Party Boutique is even offering a special 20% discount on these environmentally friendly products!