Rumple and Friends is excited to share the launch of their new Circus Party! A wonderful alternative to their magic party. Ideal for those who are looking for something new and eccentric for their kiddos birthday, or any other celebration!

There Rumple and Friends Circus Party is designed for kids age  7 and above.


*  interactive performance,

*  comedy juggling routines 

*  card magic

Your children will surely be entertained, amazed and amused for a full hour - even the parents will want to get involved!

There is more! You can even extend your party for 1.5 or 2 hours, where their performer will run a circus crash course for the kiddos! If they want to be the next greatest showman, or just have a bit of fun, they will be able to spin plates, learn how to juggle and even learn some balancing and beginner acrobatics!