Sibling rivalry is competition, fighting, and jealousy between brothers and sisters. Tension often begins very soon after the first child needs to welcome their new sibling and can continue throughout childhood. It can be very frustrating and stressful for parents, but parents shouldn’t forget that they are there to model good practices to their children, help them resolve conflicts, learn a thing or two about themselves in the process – and ask for help if they need it. There’s no university degree in parenting and no shame in being overwhelmed! What you want your kids to show each other – love, kindness, and cooperation – are also the best tools you can use to help them along the way to becoming life-long friends!

Little Steps had the privilege of chatting to Marie Marchand, a mother of 3, the Principal at City Kids Hong Kong, and the founder of Parenting Dialogue! Marie talked to us about the advantages of having children, factors that often create tension, and some tips on how to help solve them. Watch the video for more invaluable insight from wonderful Marie’s well of knowledge and multi-faceted experience with the subject!