Make me feel good Hong!  The city's hub for holistic health, The Sanctuary, offers moms and dads a slew of opportunities to hit bliss in a natural way.

Located in Central, this haven offers 5 treatment rooms, a yoga studio / workshop space (with a view!), and a roster of Hong Kong's leading practitioners together offering a menu of oh-so-amazing workshops, classes, and private therapies.  

Planning ahead:  Try Arvigo Therapy to help with fertility.

Moms-to-be:  Pregnancy massages and more!

Release Me:  Vibrational attunement helps you relax and release anger, stress, and then some!

Heal Me:  The hot stone therapy reduces anxiety and stress.

Kids:  Holistic Chiropractic to help reduce everything from colic to ear infections.

Yoga Fans:  Kids Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Post-natal Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga!

There are plenty more treatments to explore...dive in and enjoy!