Remaining COVID-19-free is a concern for everyone these days. And even if we follow all the safety guidelines—stay home, social distance, wear a mask—we still might later find out that we came into contact with someone who has the disease, or accidentally passed by a high-risk area. Or maybe you've just been feeling under the weather and want to make doubly sure that Covid-19 isn't the issue.

While it's possible to get tested at hospitals and clinics across the city, nutrition and detox center LifeHub has made the process easier by introducing testing kits that you can self-administer right at home.

The Nasal & Throat Swab Lab Test is HK$1,880 and involves collecting a sample at home and sending it into LifeHub's labs for testing. You'll get results back in one to two days at 95 to 99 percent accuracy.

The Finger Prick Rapid Test is cheaper and quicker, at HK$480 with results available in just 15 minutes, but accuracy is just 80 percent.