How many times have you heard 'Hey mum, please spare me some money.'?

The Cartoon Network and Prudential have recently launched Cha-Ching, the first multi-country, multi-platform program to help parents in Asia build money-smart values for children.

Central to the program is a brand new series of animated musical cartoons focused on financial literacy – the first of its kind in Asia. Cha-Ching uses an “edutainment approach” to build children’s understanding of four fundamental money management pillars – Earn, Save, Spend and Donate – and provides opportunities to begin practicing these essential skills at a young age.

The four fundamental money management concepts are made relevant to kids through the Cha-Ching rock band, which is made up of six characters who each have a different approach to money management. They may not be turning into aliens but they are turning a profit!

The episodes are broadcasted on Cartoon Network in seven markets (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

In addition to the TV content, the program features an interactive website with extensive digital resources for parents, kids and educators.