Rock and roll! If your kiddo is a wannabe Hendrix, then get them set up with this super cool new app on the market, Monster Chords. Not only will this unique, 'gamified' guitar learning app help you tune your guitar but it will guide you through, step by step, to playing it too. This app is perfect for kids of all ages and is quick and easy to learn. It’s done in a game format which makes it fun and super interactive. Playing a song with the right chords at the right time will clear you to the next stage. Monsters guide you along, watch them come to your campfire when you play the right chords or scare them away when it goes wrong!

With over 20 original compositions as well as some 'classic' songs like 'London Bridge is Falling Down', 'Mary Had a Little Lamb', and more! Kids will absolutely love this approach to learning to play guitar and will definitely be coming back for more.

Rock Out - How It Works?

* Download the Monster Chords App: Monster Chords is free to download (currently iOS exclusive) and you get the first five levels/songs included plus free use of the gamified tuner. If you subscribe to the monthly plan (only HK$15 a month!), you gain full access to over 20 levels, plus all monthly updates of songs and new chords. Click here to download

* Just Grab A Guitar + Go: Monster Chords does not require a special guitar or hardware to connect with your mobile device - simply launch the app and strum your guitar. No guitar at home? No prob! You can also purchase the Chord Hero Strummer, a perfect guitar for beginners, which includes an adjustable strap, guitar pick, finger protectors, and glitter pens to customize your guitar. It's also super affordable for new players.

* Learn Guitar With A Game: Monster Chords is an iPhone and iPad game that kids play using a guitar. By strumming the right chords at the correct time, children learn how to play guitar chords in this fun game.

*  Tutorials:  Monster Chords teaches kids to play guitar. The game includes a broad selection of animations to guide beginners on all kinds of guitar topics - from how to correctly hold a guitar, to playing advanced chords.