The Harbour School is located in the midst of rich marine biodiversity. This fact shaped the school into a unique educational organization that gives back to the environment. For one, there is the Black Dolphin, a fifty-foot wooden ketch, their sailing “outdoor classroom” for science, math, social studies, literacy, art, astronomy, design, engineering, music, and more. But it’s only the beginning of the learning adventure at THS. Along with a marine laboratory, a touch tank, and plenty of space for exploration through play and creation, the sailboat is only a part of a research facility that is the first of its kind in a Hong Kong school. The innovative THS Marine Science Center allows students and experts to study marine animals and ecosystems in Hong Kong, in all of their intricacies, up close, and in a way that drives awareness and facilitates progress!

Come test the waters and dip your toes into the vastness of marine knowledge during their Open Day on November 23, 2019! Register here!