First Code Academy is perfect for any 4-to-18-year-olds whose eyes sparkle with curiosity when they use, talk or think about technology, or anything to do with coding! First Code's core programs provide students with continuous learning term after term, to progressively build programming knowledge from the basics to advanced languages. First Code Academy is now an Apple Authorized Training Partner (AATP) and can deliver Apple Curriculum and even get certified by Apple!

First Code Core Program: The Benefits

Coding develops 21st-century skills like:

  • digital literacy,
  • media literacy,
  • critical thinking,
  • problem-solving skills,
  • collaborative skills, and more

This Core Program is great for portfolio building when preparing for university or intern jobs. This program gives its students skills that fit the rapid growth tech-driven market! Kids will learn to be passionate about their learning as the program provides comprehensive curriculum roadmap that enables the child to deepen learning. Like learning any new language it requires repeated exercise and commitment. Coding is the world's new second language! 



3 terms a year:

Fall Term: Sept-Dec, 2019

Winter Term: Jan-Mar, 2020

Spring Term: Apr-Jun 2020

Weekly classes: 1.5 hours/ class


  • Age-appropriate curriculum: Junior (age 4-5), Tinker (age 6-8), Explorer (age 9-11), Creator (age 12-14) and Entrepreneur (age 15+).
  • Parent-instructor conference
  • End of term pitch - demo day


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