Coolminds brings the best international mental health practices to Hong Kong! The website is a joint project between Mind HK and KELY Support Group 啟勵扶青會, the product of collaboration between various international youth mental health charities, and what our kids (and we ourselves) need always, but now arguably more than ever before.

Coolminds educates youth on how to recognize and work with feelings, promotes a sustainable, whole-school approach to student mental health, provides teachers, parents, and students with high-quality mental health information and support, trains students, parents and educators to recognize signs of mental health problems and offer help, and hosts workshops and events targeted towards educators, parents, and students! It also lets the youth of Hong Kong share their mental health stories, get help, resources, and support that could change their lives!

You can get involved by writing a blog article, sharing your personal story, or volunteering/fundraising to connect with and help the community. If you need help, your top priority is helping yourself before you can do the same for others - reach out to a trusted friend or counselor, call an emergency hotline or check the community directory!