Shrewsbury is holding two special sessions on the Chinese language programme for interested parents and friends. These informative presentations are part of a new 'Bring a Friend' event series.

Dr. Suyi Wang, Chief Academic Officer for Chinese Studies, will be presenting on the afternoon of Thursday, November 29, 2018:

* Starting at 2:00pm - the first session will be delivered in Chinese and focus upon the Advanced level programme.

* Starting at 3:20pm - the second sessions will be delivered in English and focus upon the Foundation and Intermediate level programmes.

The team at Shrewsbury believe that language learning is a social act, dependent upon relationships with others and the environment. Exposure to a diverse range of material instigates curiosity naturally and positively. It is crucial that students learn how to express themselves through language rather than only memorizing words and grammar. This approach to learning is effective can be continued at home. Through the development of close relationships, parents at Shrewsbury support their children to build confidence and spark a passion for Chinese language learning. 

The event is free - guests are encouraged to bring a friend, neighbour or colleague in the spirit of relationship building.

During the event, you will get an insight into how the Chinese Curriculum is taught with key insights relating to:

- The development of a unique Chinese learning methodology

- Delivering a stimulating, joyful and collaborative learning environment

- Utilizing multiple, authentic learning resources

Click here to RSVP, for more information or questions please contact [email protected].