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Shea Stanley
Founding Partner & Chief Executive Insider
Shea’s travel and lifestyle media career has taken her around the globe to over 50 countries, from Azerbaijan to Costa Rica. Along the way, Shea developed a knack for being in the know on what to do and where to go. She has not slowed down since arriving in Hong Kong in 2006 where she set up her own company to consult for Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle media. As a mom of two, Shea longed for a resource offering fun insider tips for parents in Asia. Enter Little Steps!
Summer sandals
A frozen margarita
Surround yourself with good and honest people
Natalie Kenwright
Business Development Guru
Natalie is hugely passionate about life and the exciting places and people she gets to meet on a daily basis, she loves to bring this passion into everything she does with her family, her friends and her work. She has 2 kids and a dog who keep her and her husband pretty busy and well entertained. She feels very privileged to be experiencing the exciting, sometimes challenging, lifestyle here in Hong Kong with her family.
As long as I can dance in them it doesn't matter the style, heel or price tag...
Champagne or towards the end of the month, Prosecco!
Never try to change someone & never date a man who drives a red car!
Sarah-Jane Radcliffe
Business Development Guru + Family Travel Strategist
Although quintessentially British in many ways, SJ in fact grew up globetrotting, living in an eclectic mix of countries from India to Australia and Portugal to the USA. After 6 years working for a luxury family Tour Operator in London she moved, with her now husband, to HK in 2010 and joined a travel guide publisher. After the birth of her first son in 2015 Sj's focus shifted to family travel and Little Steps has proved a perfect place to combine her two passions in life: Travel & Family.
Flip-flops or none at all, I am a beach bum at heart.
Wine usually. It's 5 o'clock somewhere isn't it?
The world is full of fabulous possibilities but it's up to you to get out there and find them.
Zoe Marmot
Regional Editor
Zoë hails from the UK and has spent the last ten years on the expat route. She has a background in marketing and communications and has been busy integrating into Singapore life for the past five years. She has two fur kids – Percy and Peggy who are her world. Since landing in Asia she has traveled, eaten and explored this amazing continent and is proud to call it home.
My Jimmy Choo sandals I wore on my wedding day. Anything with a heel works!
In my sippy cup is a nice red wine preferably a Carmenere.
Live life to the fullest.
Hira Desai
Contributor - Family Travel
Born and bred in the UK, Hira took a leap of faith in 2010 when she moved across the pond to the Big Apple. During her year there, she discovered a passion for travel and made a number of lifelong friends, including her now husband! In 2015 and only six months after getting hitched, Hira and her husband moved to Hong Kong to embark on an exciting new adventure and have not looked back! When Hira isn't ticking another destination off her ever-growing bucket list, you will find her hanging out in the latest restaurant or bar with her friends or baking a lemon drizzle cake in her cosy kitchen.
Anything comfy, from vans to flip flops. I have a definite soft spot for TOMS.
Green tea by day and bubbles by night!
Smile, and the world will smile with you.
Alba Ma
Lead Contributor - Hong Kong
Freelance writer and editor currently based in Hong Kong but originally from Toronto, Canada. When Alba isn't writing, she's discovering hidden gems across the city, traveling with her partner in crime and throwing herself into different passions,which change frequently. Her current obsessions are: running, life drawing and writing a book.
Mizuno runners and a strappy pair of Guiseppi Zanottis.
Coconut water.
Being your best is a way of respecting yourself.
Tatum & Jace Stanley
Chief Product Testers
Tatum (3.5) and Jace (1.5) have been taking Hong Kong by storm. You might catch them cruising around Soho or exploring the hiking trails in their backyard. Tatum loves massages, cupcake parties, and wearing her new bikini. Jace enjoys getting into everything (including his sister's toys)!
Whatever fits in my mouth
Nothing, I drank every last drop
Milk, it does the body good
Andrew Stanley
Daddy Contributor
A musician, adventure racer, yoga addict, and now a new dad, Andrew is constantly trying to sort through the pink diaper bags and flower dresses in his baby daughter’s closet. He can’t wait to share “dad-friendly” tips and recommendations for Little Steps.
Shoes? I’d rather not wear any but if I must, Rainbow flip flops
Don’t let your daughter start dating until she is at least thirty years old.