LittleSteps HongKong Article Feed LittleSteps HongKong Singapore Kite Festival <br /> <br /> <p>Attention little kite lovers and their family! Singapore's Kite festival is back with an even bigger and exciting line-up of events in this space!</p> Trio Beach, Sai Kung Beach Away From the Crowds <br /> <a href="/hong-kong/articles/play/trio-beach-sai-kung" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Summer is on its way and the mercury is rising (in between rain showers). Brush off those buckets and spades and take your little ones down to Trio beach in Sai Kung. &nbsp;While this hidden treasure of a beach is small, you will find it child friendly with all the facilities you need including a refreshment kiosk and shower rooms. &nbsp;Explore away kiddos!</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Tips & Tricks:</strong></span></p> <p><strong>Getting There: </strong>&nbsp;Sampans leave from Pak Sha Wan Pier in Sai Kung regularly and cost HK$20 per person for a return ticket. Boats are clearly signposted so you can’t go wrong. Just remember to take the same boat back or you will be charged again.</p> <p><strong>Beach Fun:</strong> &nbsp;After a short journey you will arrive at a beautifully clean sandy beach with (almost) crystal clear waters to match. The lusciously soft sand is perfect for building castles and the shore is only a stones throw away – ideal for keeping a close eye on your water babies as they splash about in the sea. As with most Hong Kong beaches, shady areas are few and far between, but don't worry...umbrellas are available to hire from the kiosk.</p> <p><strong>Go Early:</strong> &nbsp;Clued-up families with young children will already know that the best time to hit the Hong Kong beaches is early in the morning when temperatures are cooler and the masses have not, well, amassed. At lunchtime, hop back on the boat and head to the Pier for some delicious Thai food at Thai Thai Kitchen or pub grub at <a href="" target="_blank">Hebe 101</a> just over the road.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> National Day Open House <br /> <br /> <p>Celebrate the nation’s 49th birthday with the National Museum of Singapore! Enjoy free admission to all galleries plus explore the 1980's with fun-filled craft activities and games, brought to you by the students of Temasek Polytechnic and the museum. In addition, bring home with you an exclusive family portrait, taken by Platform, a voluntary group of professional photographers this National Day!</p> Snoopy @ Harbour City <br /> <br /> <p>Snoopy fans are having fun at Harbour City this summer! Yoshiteru Otani, a Japanese artist best known for his Peanuts-inspired work, together with other outstanding Japanese artists, has transformed Snoopy into huge art installations, calligraphy and Japanese crafts. Visit this free art exhbition with the kids and be sure to bring your camera.</p> PLAYGROUND @ the Workground <br /> <br /> <p>Come out for a day of learning and shopping dedicated to parents and kids! <a href="" target="_blank">First Code Academy</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Creatica</a> will be hosting a coding and 3D printing workshops though out the day (ages 6-12). Be sure to <a href="" target="_blank">RSVP</a> for these as space is limited. There will also be storytelling sessions that day (ages 3-5). And check out kids products from some great vendors including <a href="" target="_blank">PAPINEE</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Peekabox</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Mamahen</a>.</p> Chi Lin Nunnery Explore, Play, Eat <br /> <a href="/hong-kong/articles/play/chi-lin-nunnery" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>It's the weekend again? If you are looking for a family adventure sans airplane drama, Chi Lin Nunnery will do the trick!</p> <p>Take your kids to Hong Kong's very own <a href="" target="_blank">Buddhist complex</a> made completely from wood (that's nails here)! This massive complex of serenity mixed with <a href="" target="_blank">Tang architecture</a> dates back to the 1930s and was rebuilt in 1998. Snap photos in front of the temple, let the kids count Koi in the lotus ponds, wander through the bonsai tea plants, stroll through <a href="" target="_blank">Nan Lian Garden</a>, and take a break to hear the nuns chanting.&nbsp;</p> <p>A few familicious perks: it's easy to get to via taxi, completely stroller friendly, and offers a bit of relaxation for everyone visiting so we can <em>keep calm and carry on</em>.</p> INVITE: Lee Gardens Etiquette Class <br /> <br /> <p>Sit pretty kiddos! &nbsp;Kids aged 6-10 are invited to learn the art of manners at <a href="" target="_blank">"Kidz Connect" by Lee Gardens One & Two.</a> &nbsp;Equip your children with the skills and confidence to dine at a formal Western table while enjoying Hong Kong's newest resto creations. &nbsp;Yum!</p> <p>There will be plenty of fun activities for the kids to enjoy and &nbsp;loads of shopping extras for mom and pop. <a href="" target="_blank">RSVP</a> to reserve your spot now! &nbsp;See you there!</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>The Scoop:</strong></span></p> <p><strong>Session 1: </strong>&nbsp;August 9, 10, 17 from 2:30pm-3:30pm.</p> <p><strong>Session 2: </strong>&nbsp;August 9, 10, 17 from 4:30pm-5:30pm.</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>RSVP:</strong></span></p> <p><em>Customers who spend HK$2,000 or more (in a maximum of 2 receipts) at Lee Gardens Kids Shops from July 16, 2014 - August 10, 2014 can register for the workshop for FREE! Simply present the eligible original retail sales machine-printed receipts and corresponding electronic payment slips to to the Lee Gardens Two conceirge to register for free.</em></p> <p><em>Quota applies; available on a first-come-first-served-basis. The registration is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or enquire staff at Lee Gardens Two G/F Concierge Counter.&nbsp;</em></p> Uber Jakarta <br /> <br /> <p>Uber is now available in Jakarta! Experience a private ride anywhere, anytime with the nicest cars in town. It's comfortable, safe, and reasonably priced! Forget about the long taxi queue or not bringing enough cash, Uber is a recommended alternative transportation for the whole family. Simply download the application <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>&nbsp;(available for Android, Apple, and Windows Phone devices), register your credit card, and track the nearest car around you. Plus, you will get the first free credit of Rp 100,000, and share with friends to get another free credit! &nbsp;</p> &#039;Hot Summer Nights&#039; Promotion! <br /> <br /> <p>Extend your holiday in Asia and the Middle East by 1, 2 or even 3 days with this great new summer deal! Partnering up with over 60 different hotels in 12 different destinations, The Entertainer is offering you the chance to book one night and get another completely free!</p> <p>Check out their website for more details on participating hotels:&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Participation in the Hot Summer Nights promotion is open to all Entertainer Members. To become a member purchase any of the Entertainer 2014 products and register your product online!</p> Discoveryland Open! HK&#039;s Largest Indoor Playground <br /> <a href="/hong-kong/articles/play/discoveryland-open" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>It's a big way! <a href="" target="_blank">HK's largest indoor family entertainment center </a>opened in DB North Plaza! Be prepared for endless fun while learning and discovering new things. Exciting attractions include tube slides, air trek, rock climbing, iClick educational interactive activities, playground, toddler area, and still counting!</p> <p><span style="font-size: 13.333333969116211px;">This place is huge, fun, and crawling with make an outing out of it. Discovery Bay, here we come!</span></p> Cooking Classes <br /> <br /> <p>Do you have a Junior Masterchef in the family? This series of three cooking classes is perfectly geared towards younger, aspiring cooks, forming the building blocks with which to grow into accomplished chefs. Complete recipes and dishes will be prepared to illustrate the fundamentals. </p> <p>* For the sweet-toothed, try chocolate making by Shima where the young learn basic chocolate making and various techniques for working with this much-loved ingredient.<br /> * Learn to make pie with RJ from Tai Tai Pie Pie starting with pie dough, and also mastering cinnamon swirl biscuits and pudding pie.<br /> * Or create pizza from scratch: make the dough, come up with toppings, both savory and sweet, decorate and bake. </p> <p>Classes cost $250 per person per class, with a 10 per cent discount on signing up for all three classes.</p> Znozz It Up! Sleeping Pods For Parents <br /> <a href="/hong-kong/articles/play/znozz-it" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>Puffy eyes, coffee teeth, swollen face....sound familiar? For those parents sneaking a cat nap (planned or unplanned) in random corners of the city (aka the car, the MTR, a bathroom stall), there is some exciting news for you.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Znozz</a> has opened in Central and offers mom and/or pop a private retreat to get away from the madness, curl up with a book, watch their favorite TV show, or simply sleep! &nbsp;Each of their guest rooms is equipped with a comfortable sofa, cushions, fresh blanket, recharging stations and shower facilities. During your stay, you can also enjoy your private time with free high speed WIFI connection, HDTV, or pop in your iPad and bliss out to Mozart. &nbsp;A sleep paradise in the heart of the city, bring on the Znozz!</p> Find Your Escape! @ Escape Hunt <br /> <a href="/jakarta/articles/play/find-your-escape" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>Have you got what it takes to be a detective? Try it out at the thrilling and fun-filled indoor game hub,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Escape Hunt in Jakarta</a>! Trust us, with a bit of searching and logical reasoning skills, you will be able to save yourself and your family!</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"> The Escape Hunt Experience</a> is a "escape the room" experience. You and your gang will be transported back 100 years to the old Jakarta where you take up the role as a London detective to solve a murder mystery in a locked room. As you put your heads together, solve the puzzles and hunt for clues, you will be able to find out the guilty suspect and hence find a way out.</p> <p><span style="font-family: Arial; line-height: 1.4em;">Fun and educational, this 60-minute game acts as a great bonding session with the whole fam as two heads are better than one, not to mention the chance to catch up and share your experiences over a cup of tea afterwards! Period costumes are also available so you can dress up and take wild photos to celebrate. After all, you have just solved a crime!</span></p> Ballet Tone Little Ballerina Classes <br /> <a href="/singapore/articles/play/ballet-tone" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>Many little girls dream of being a ballerina one day and for Camilla Vergotis, this dream came true. Having been a soloist ballerina with the Australian and Hong Kong Ballet and also starring in the feature film, Mao's Last Dancer, Camilla is well and truly qualified to help teach other little girls to become ballerina's or to purely just have fun learning.</p> <p>Ballet helps with strength, coordination, fitness and musicality and Camilla's adorable Little Ballerina classes are best suited for 3 - 5 year olds. They will look super cute as they prance around catching butterflies and leaping over rivers to inspiring music. Fun!</p> Meet The Bloggers Mango Menus <br /> <a href="/hong-kong/articles/learn/meet-bloggers" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>Bring on the bloggers! In this new series, Little Steps is connecting with Asia's leading mom and dad bloggers to find out more about their families, their blogs, and of course, their favorite outings, restaurants, and more! We are very excited to say hello to Hong Kong based Helen Scott from <a href="" target="_blank">Mango Menus</a>! This up and coming blog offers parents in the city all things food related including fab recipes for kids, menu planning, budget-friendly shopping, and much more. &nbsp;</p> RIMBA by AYANA Truckload of fun! <br /> <a href="/all-cities/articles/travel/rimba-ayana" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>Hello paradise! &nbsp;The brand-new recreation haven <a href="" target="_blank">RIMBA Jimbaran Bali by AYANA</a>&nbsp;is kicking family-fun up a notch! &nbsp;This cliff-top resort located within the 90 hectare gounds of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">AYANA Resort and Spa</a>, has plenty of gorgeous rooms (282!) and fun-packed activities for your whole gang.</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>STAY:</strong></span><strong> </strong> Kids will love having a dip anytime they want at pool access rooms, wow-ing over the magnificent ocean and tropical garden views at spacious suites, or playing hide-and-seek at interconnecting rooms which are ideal for big families!</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>FUN:</strong></span> Brace yourselves for the long trail of <a href="" target="_blank">activities</a> you can indulge in…</p> <p><em>* Family of gourmands? </em>Try your hand at cooking Balinese cuisine, or take a tour to source ingredients at the Fish Markets with the resort staff! Wellness freaks?</p> <p><em>* Yoga</em> – sunrise or sunset – on the cliffs over hypnotizing ocean views!</p> <p><em>* Beauty queens?</em> Make your own eua de frangrance for some “mommy and me” time!</p> <p><em>* Golf For Pops?</em> &nbsp;In case daddy got jealous, how about a round of golf-putting at the 18-hole putting course?</p> <p><em>* Play Time:</em> &nbsp;Drop off or play at the rockin'<span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px;">&nbsp;</span><a style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px;" href="" target="_blank">Kids Club</a>.</p> <p><em>* And More! </em>&nbsp;Jump in one of the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">11 swimming pools</a> (including one exclusive for kids with waterslides) sprawling over the resort for plenty of pool hopping! Hungry fams will enjoy selecting from 15 restaurants and bars. With on-site babysitting available, parents can have a go for a romantic dinner at the private jetty, followed by a hydromassage at the world’s largest Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool (burn 500 calories per session!).<em> <br /></em></p> AYANA Resort and Spa A Luxury Wonderland <br /> <a href="/all-cities/articles/travel/ayana-resort-and-spa" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image imagecache-linked imagecache-article_node_image_linked"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache imagecache-article_node_image" width="515" height="250" /></a> <br /> <p>While we all get excited about a 90-hectare property, kids will really go wild here!&nbsp; The holy grail of Bali hotels, the AYANA Resort and Spa has something for everyone. <a href="">This award winning resort </a>encompasses Bali's natural beauty, a deeply religious mystique and stunning architecture.</p> <p>The manicured property spreads across a gorgeous peninsula with breathtaking views of towering cliffs high above the sea.&nbsp; While mom and dad relax poolside, kids can hit up the Kids Club for activities galore including kids' yoga.&nbsp; AYANA has family rooms and villas - take your pick!&nbsp; While exploring the palatial grounds of this spectacular hotel, <a href="">take the cliffside funicular down several hundred feet to the Rocks Bar, </a>a sensuous adult-only pool or the sublime seafood restaurant where you dine with your toes in the sand.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> GIVEAWAY! Don Quixote Tickets <br /> <br /> <p>Stomp, twirl, and enjoy <a href="" target="_blank">The Hong Kong Ballet's Don Quixote</a>! The Hong Kong Ballet will open the 2014-2015 dance season with a brand new production of Miguel de Cervantes’ great novel. Nina Ananiashvili, the Georgian-born, Bolshoi-trained dancer who is recognized as one of the finest prima ballerinas of the 20th century is staging her own interpretation of this much loved story for The Hong Kong Ballet. The performance lasts approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes, including 1 intermission. For kids ages 3+. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here for more information on the show</a>.</p> <p><em><strong>Good news! Little Steps readers have a chance to win a 4-ticket family package (2 adult + 2 children tickets) for the show on Sunday, August 31st, 2014 at 2:30pm. Enter your details below by August 24, 2014 to enter the lucky draw. Winner will be announced on August 25, 2014.</strong></em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em><strong><br /></strong></em></p> <div id="wufoo-ratojbt1hotvnt"> Fill out my <a href="">online form</a>. </div> <script type="text/javascript">var ratojbt1hotvnt;(function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t), options = { 'userName':'littlestepsasia', 'formHash':'ratojbt1hotvnt', 'autoResize':true, 'height':'392', 'async':true, 'host':'', 'header':'show', 'ssl':true}; s.src = ('https:' == d.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; s.onload = s.onreadystatechange = function() { var rs = this.readyState; if (rs) if (rs != 'complete') if (rs != 'loaded') return; try { ratojbt1hotvnt = new WufooForm();ratojbt1hotvnt.initialize(options);ratojbt1hotvnt.display(); } catch (e) {}}; var scr = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0], par = scr.parentNode; par.insertBefore(s, scr); })(document, 'script');</script><p> **Ticket Giveaway is for Hong Kong residents only.<br /> **Note, by filling in the details below, you will be added to the Little Steps email newsletter list. If you do not wish to be added, send us an email to <a href=""></a> (Subject line: REMOVE ME).</p> Littlies Treasure Hunt <br /> <br /> <p>On August 2, join the Party Elves for an adventurous morning at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park! There will be goodie bags, prizes, vouchers and best of all... a safari treasure hunt!</p> <p>For more details check out their <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook Page</a>. Tickets cost S$25 and are available online at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> Coding For Kids <br /> <br /> <p>In an IT-driven world, an understanding of coding is becoming more and more crucial. Offering a series of activity focused workshops, this summer camp helps kids to learn about coding and have fun at the same time. The course is also useful in strengthening their abilities towards abstract thinking and improving concentration.</p> <p>The program is completely free! For more details on how to enroll click <a href="">here</a>.</p> Summer Holiday Program <br /> <br /> <p>Young Chefs Academy is now opening classes for Senior Chef aged 13 and above. Held in August, the workshop includes a goodie bag, tote bag, apron, lunch box, and recipe folder. The next schedule is: Tour of USA (American food) on August 4 - 8 and A Day in Beijing (wok technique) on August 11 - 15.</p> Genie Juicery <br /> <br /> <p>HK's original retail juicery is coming to IFC Mall this August! Cold pressed, raw and living juices, smoothies and nut milks will be available for sale over the counter. This one-stop juice boutique will make you feel recharged!</p> Don Quixote Explained! <br /> <br /> <p>Novel turned ballet sensation, Don Quixote comes to Hong Kong this August! A pre-perfromance workshop for kids aged between 6 to 12 gives them the opportunity to understand the story and express their theatrical side as they act out various parts.</p> <p>For more information go to <a href=""></a>.</p> Kids Music Classes <br /> <br /> <p>Keep kids entertained this summer with the Haw Par Music Foundation's latest music courses:</p> <p>(1) Teenagers can get into the swing of it with the <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>SummerFest String Orchestra Camp</strong></span>. Learning from world famous musicians they can improve their abilities and make new friends who share a love of music. A concert at the end of the course gives kids the chance to showcase their newly learnt skills! The course will be taught in English.</p> <p><em>August 4-8, 2014, 9am to 5pm daily. Rehearsal Hall, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra 7/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan. Costs HK$3,500.</em></p> <p>(2) The <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Junior SoundFest</strong></span> is a 5 half-day course designed children between 4 to 8 years old. The course introduces kids to the basics of music and with fun and engaging activities inspires them to develop their interest! The course will be taught in Cantonese.</p> <p><em>July 21-25 and July 28 – August 1, 2014, 9am to 12pm daily. The True Light Middle School of Hong Kong (Primary Section), 50 Tai Hang Road, Causeway Bay. Costs HK$1,500.</em></p> <p>To reserve a spot go to <a href=""></a></p> Strider Racing Cup <br /> <br /> <p>This summer kids have the chance develop their cycling skills and compete on a purpose built bike track at the 10th Strider Racing Cup. With classes for all ages and abilities there is enough to suit every requirement!</p> <p>For full details on how to register go to <a href="">Strider HK</a>.&nbsp; Price ranges between $120 - $160 including bike rental fee.</p>