Even the most discriminating traveler will find Villa Kudus catering to their every whim in this tropical paradise. At the center of each villa is the beautifully and artfully restored Javanese joglos, wooden pavilions that exude an Indonesian exoticism. Comprised of one master and four additional en suite bedrooms, all of Villa Kudus' rooms are decorated with treasures the owner's have collected from their travels around the globe. Each room mixes tribal artifacts, crystal chandeliers and the exoticism of Indonesian woods, but no worries...it's kiddie friendly!

Just a two minute walk from the beach, this decadent estate comes complete with your own private staff and chef. The craftsmanship and landscaping sets it apart from the rest of the pack with stunning architecture, a gorgeous pool with wrap-around deck built for sun worshippers, plasma televisions and last but not least, a state of the art kitchen.

If you're looking for luxury, proximity to the beach and sheer privacy, this is the place for you and your family.