Families, get an early rise for an outing from Lovina Beach that's truly worth it! The kids will love the excitement of sailing along with a fisherman on a real dolphin search, and so will you!

Though there are never any guarantees in nature, you'll have a 95% chance of seeing Spinner dolphins. Watching these beauties during a stunning sunrise is a fabulous way to start the day! And if you’re in for a snorkel with older kids, the fisherman will boat you to the Lovina reef to see coral, starfish and many colorful fish!  

You can arrange a boatman yourself the day before at Lovina Beach, or ask your hotel or villa staff to make arrangements. The boatmen will even pick you up on your beachfront villa's sandy doorstep. And no worries, parents...the Bali Sea has no strong currents, so you can look forward to a calm ride. Nice!