We know you think twice before putting something on your baby's butter soft skin - we certainly do.  And with the range of baby skincare products available starting to rival mom's skin care collection, it can be confusing to know what's best. Made4Baby makes it easy.  Created by New Zealander Rebecca Mcleod, this all-natural range works for the most sensitive of baby skins - even for littlies with eczema as we can attest. Made4Baby offers two distinct fragrance options: Organic Citrus containing a blend of essential oils from France certified by ECO Cert, and Fragrance Free, for "super-new and super-sensitive" skins.

The product range includes:

Foaming Hair and Body Wash, HK$98 (a self-foaming pump action bottle with lid - ideal for travelling); Botty Barrier Cream, HK$88 (just picked by Time Out Dubai as their favorite barrier cream, beating out Sudocrem!); Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubble Bath, HK$108 (gentle bathtime fun); Sleep Tight Massage Oil, HK$88 (you'll be working on hubby to use it on you...); and All Over Baby Lotion, HK$88 (gentle and effective).

What's more, Made4Baby looks good too. The fun and funky packaging featuring Rebecca's gorgeous son makes the range an ideal baby shower gift.