Myanmar is one of those places that you have to experience at least once in your life. If only to be connected to the ancient history that shaped our present. A Myanmar trip is punctuated by primeval temples, cities, and ruins; picturesque mountains, breathtaking landscapes and tranquil islands; and cheerful, hospitable locals.

Heritage Line offers cruise packages that showcase the best of what the Land of the Golden Pagodas has to offer:

- Ancient Capitals (Downstream): Five days of unearthing 900 years of history by visiting Myanmar’s old capitals and important historical landmarks such as Mingun Pahtodawgyi or King Bodawpaya’s incomplete pagoda; the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Ava; and the venerated Sagaing Hills

- Ancient Capitals (Upstream): This cruise perfectly flaunts how Myanmar earned its nickname of “Land of the Golden Pagodas.” You can expect glorious sunsets embracing the charming town of Pakkoku, where you could get local arts and crafts; and then taking you to the gradually-modernizing city of Mandalay.

- Impressive Gorges: On this cruise, you will be given a class on Myanmar’s local culture, which includes a lesson on how to properly wear a traditional Burmese dress. This is while the ship voyages through the sublime gorges of the Ayeyarwady River.

- Exotic Chindwin: Practically traveling back in time, the Exotic Chindwin cruise will take you through extraordinary riverside villages whose lives appear not to have been touched by modern times. You will tour intricately-designed monasteries dating back to the Burmese Kings before admiring the fascinating temples and pagodas of the historical capital of Bagan.

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