Did you know that over 280 million people worldwide speak French! If you wish to give your children a headstart in learning French, make sure to check out the online French language school, Lingo Bros.

They specialize in teaching children ages 3 to 12 French! At Lingo Bros, learning French is fun. Their online private French lessons are designed to engage and draw children into their unique stories through dynamic and theatrical storytelling. By immersing the children into a world of play and fantasy, they forget they are in a French class and begin talking and interacting in French from their very first lesson.

Lingo Bros was founded in 2012. Since then, they have taught over 2,000 children at their private French school in Notting Hill and in schools and nurseries such as Saint Marry Abbot’s school, Miss Delaney’s, and several Montessori nurseries throughout London, before transitioning fully to online learning since 2020.

If you wish to sign your child up for Online French Lessons, click here!